Got questions? We have the answers!

What are your toys made of?

We love dogs (and have some of our own) and wanted to make toys that would reflect our love for our furry friends while also showing love for our planet. Our stuffed toys are made of the following materials: an extremely soft polyester plush on the outside with a supporting layer underneath, 100% recycled polyester fiber stuffing (taken from recycled plastic bottles), mini noise-making squeaker, crinkle made of 100% recyclable PET plastic, and, of course, double stitching to tie it all together.

What are the dimensions of Kibu toys?

Avocado: L 4.1in x W 3.7in x H 5.1in

Boba: L 3.5in x W 3.5in x H 6.8in

Toast: L 3.9in x W 2.3in x H 5.1in

Where are your toys manufactured?

We take great pride in our creation process. Our toys are meticulously designed in our offices in sunny California and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in China using only the best materials and highest manufacturing and safety standards.

Are these toys made for all dog sizes?

Currently, each of our toy designs is structured for only certain dog sizes. Please refer to each toy page to find the best fit for your pupper. In the future, we are looking forward to expanding out toy line to accommodate even more furry family members.

How do I care for Kibu toys?

If your Kibu toys need some extra love, we recommend spot cleaning the toys with soap and a damp wet cloth. For tough stains, use a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush the soap into the stain. Afterwards, wipe the soap off with a damp wet cloth.

To dry the toys, place them in a location with lots of free air to air dry.

Are your toys tested?

Yes! We want you to have peace of mind knowing your dog is safe when playing with their new toys. Kibu is one of the only pet toy brands that tests their toys for harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and dangerous materials. Our testing facilities are globally accredited, follow the strictest guidelines, and uphold US standards for toy safety.

What stuffing material do you use in your toys?

Our plush toys use 100% recycled plastic fiber stuffing as stuffing material. The RPET is sourced from recycled plastic bottles, split into soft and fluffy strands, and then shipped to our facility to be used in our toys.

Is RPET a good material for dog toys?

Absolutely! RPET is eco-friendly (unlike pp cotton stuffing, yuk!), prevents plastic waste pollution, and is a resource that (sadly) we have in large amounts on Earth. This means you and your pup get a safer and higher-quality toy while also keeping the planet clean!

Is RPET stuffing safe for my dog to swallow?

While Kibu 100% recycled polyester fiber stuffing (RPET) is a great alternative to traditional plastic polyfill stuffing (which is unfortunately used by most dog toy companies because of how cheap it is), we don’t recommend allowing your dog to swallow the RPET stuffing strands. Any foreign non-food objects can cause a potential blockage and harm to your dog if swallowed. Always supervise your four-legged friend when they play and discard the toy when it becomes damaged.

Do you accept returns?

We want you and your dog to be happy with your Kibu purchase. In the rare instance that you would require a return, we are here to help! Please read our Return Policy for information and next steps on the return process.

I still have a question. How can I reach you?

No worries! Contact us anytime & anywhere via email at, Instagram (@kibupets), or our Kibu Pets Facebook page and our paw-some customer support team will get in touch with you asap!

Do you offer wholesale?

If interested in wholesale, please contact us at for more information.